Escape From Tarkov Maps


Collection of Interactive Maps for Escape From Tarkov made by the community, carefully picked.

I would like to give credit to all the artists that created all of the maps I provide in this website.

If you are the author of any of the maps and you are not listed here please post it on the reddit link.

If you want to submit a map to show it on this website please post it on the

Reddit thread.


Maiden116 for Isometric [ES] in Factory

stealtheh for Isometric English in Factory

OfficialBonezTV for Plain English in Factory

Logiwonk for 2D 2nd Floor in The Lab

/u/enxyo for Ingame Detailed in Woods

Marvelin for Factory Callouts in Factory

Pawpawpanda for Detailed stashes in Interchange

Stealtheh for Key Spawns in Shoreline

Photonready for Reserve 3D in Reserve

Rolfwoffl for Reserve 2D in Reserve

w4rgo for Quest Graph in Quests

w4rgo for Hideout Items graph in Quests

AlphaSlone-Lorathor for Full Loot in Interchange

Nehalemx for All Floors 2D in The Lab

Logiwonk for 2D 1st Floor in The Lab

glory4life for Clean 2D in Woods

loweffortsaltbox for Clean 3D in Reserve

yundaz & NLoli for Nightshade in Customs

yundaz for Nightshade in Interchange

sunseeker11 for Ammo Charts in Utils

Glory4lyfe & MONKIMONKIMONK for Clean 2D Updated in Customs

Marvelin for 2d with keys in Woods

Enkopresis for Explained in The Lab

Unknown for Explained English in The Lab

u/ImGoingSpace for Quests all items in Quests

Orbb09 for All Quest Paths in Quests

Chaab for Hideout all items in Quests

Marvelin for Woods Stash Locations in Woods

M1ksu for Detailed stashes in Customs

Rolfwoffl for Customs 2D (stashes) in Customs

Marvelin for Customs 3D in Customs

Marvelin for Detailed dorms in Customs

Maksen for Shoreline 3D in Shoreline

UNKSO for Detailed Spa in Shoreline

Marvelin for Shoreline 2D in Shoreline

Puklerz for Detailed stashes in Shoreline

Logiwonk for 2D Basement in The Lab

sunmachine_ for Ammo Table in Utils

u/TiltLordRL for Recommended Keys in Quests

Marvelin && D'artagnan for Customs 3D Updated in Customs

Monkimonkimonk for Clean 2D Updated in Shoreline

Monkimonkimonk for Clean 2D (Monki) in The Lab


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